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The goal of LET'S. MOVE. NOW. is to create a platform that connects working, relevant artists at every stage of their respective careers. The artists chosen for LET'S. MOVE. NOW. will always represent a wide spectrum of the artistic community, from emerging to the very well established, men and women, as well as people of many different ethnicities and cultural or national backgrounds. It is the job of art to be a true reflection of life, and in order to better achieve that, MOVE(NYC) is committed to creating as many opportunities as possible to present artists with varying perspectives and artistic voices.

ColemanCollective’s “Victoria”, demonstrates the forever growing capacity of a healthy and encouraged woman. The work touches on the sexualization of the athletic female body, as well as the idolization of female deities. In this piece, choreographer’s Matthew Perez and Cain A. Coleman Jr., honor the commonly unappreciated strength of woman and the passing down of a self confident female culture. ”Victoria” is dedicated to Cherie Chiles and Ana Perez, the mothers of Cain and Matthew

Gibney Dance Center

280 Broadway

New York, NY

Earlier Event: June 19
Rainbow Fashion Week 2017