Creative Director | Charisma Glasper
Photo by Eric Politzer

ColemanCollective, Inc., multidisciplinary performing arts org, is a non for profit, founded by Cain A. Coleman, Charisma Glasper and Matthew Perez, aiming to sustain cultural enrichment and artistic opportunity.

Vision|Mission Statement

ColemanCollective creates opportunities for communities to share, learn & grow through the arts. ColemanCollective exists to share ideas through performance, education and collaboration. To enrich communities while creating opportunity through the arts.

As a multidisciplinary Art-house, ColemanCollective strives to provide spaces to accommodate short and long term arts programming. Providing workshops, performances, and creative spaces to explore and learn about diverse, cutting edge art. We are dedicated to creating jobs and cultural enrichment opportunities through fine arts. 

ColemanCollective is ambitiously working to connect multiple art worlds to form a larger community of artist, while expanding audiences. We bring together creatives of varying interests, to inevitably brings together audiences of varying interest. Putting people in a room with others, they wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity to meet or share space with; promoting a sharing of ideas. That is the foundation of the collective.